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Corporate finance

When sources of long term finance are used, large sums are usually involved and so the company needs to consider all the options available with care, looking to the possible effects on the company.   Hence, if a company decides to raise new equity or debt finance, it needs to consider which method would be the best for its circumstances. Our role is to put you on the right track.

Our corporate finance experts provide you by innovative ideas and creative solutions that enable you to add value to your transaction process and business at every stage. Our experience will help you to solve your transaction irrespective to its complexity.

MS & Co. corporate finance team provides you by wide-ranging financial advice that encompasses:

Initial publice offering (IPO)
Private placements
Issuance of bonds

Initial public offering (IPO)

Every entrepreneur dreams that his business would go public to pick the fruits of his business success. Our IPO advisors have broad background in the major areas of IPO, including law, accounting, taxation, valuation and stock market listing procedures. We provide you by all the advisory services in your IPO journey.

Private placements

We provide consultancy and advisory services to the investors interested in buying unlisted companies.

Issuance of bonds

We review and certify the prospectus of bonds according to the regulations of the Egyptian Capital Market.